Good technique in storytelling is always needed for wedding cinema, not just shooting the action.


  • Bride’s Home
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Photo Session
  • Reception up to 11pm

Raw Footage or Highlight Reel (USB or BluRay)


  • Bride’s Home
  • Groom’s Home
  • 2 Ceremony Cinematographers
  • Photo Session
  • Reception up to 12am

Raw Footage or Highlight Reel (USB or BluRay)
2 BluRays + 1 USB Fully Edited


  • The Engagement
  • The Rehearsal
  • The Bride’s Home
  • The Groom’s Home
  • 2 Ceremony Cinematographers
  • The Photo Session
  • 2 Reception Cinematographers until the end

Raw Footage or Highlight Reel (USB or BluRay)
4 BluRays, 2 DVDs + 1 USB Fully Edited

* All packages can be configured with any individual A-La-Carte Custom options added for greater value

My first experience working entirely alone was in 1990 when I fully-produced my first wedding. The sense of creativity was incredible, if not a bit limited by my budget and the technology of the time.

The great thing about producing wedding videos is that, like television, the stage is set, everyone’s in place and dressed, knowing what to do. Plus the atmosphere is great.

The attitude is always positive, and it’s like being invited to a party where you only know the main couple, but you get to know the rest of the guests quickly enough! It doesn’t even seem like work, even after 12 to 18 hours on average for an entire wedding.

Editing only lets me relive the fun, and with the evolving technology, it only gets more creative to wow my client friends.

We're constantly reinvesting in the latest 4K UHD pro-industrial cameras, drones, jibs, and support systems for a cinematic look every time.

We also re-educate constantly in new trends and wedding production techniques.

The art of wedding cinema is constantly evolving and changing, and we've stayed on the forefront since 1990.

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I can't get enough of our video. Amazing in every way, and if I had a question, bam there's a response. I even managed to msg him in the middle of the night, bam there he is. Amazing to work with :) thank you again. We have such an amazing video to cherish thanks to you!

Shannon Pelley