About Servers With A Smile

A little bit about myself and why I started this business.

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 8 years and
now organizing weddings for over 4 years with Servers With A Smile. I am a Wedding Planner / Day Of Coordinator, certified by the Wedding Planner Institution of Canada.

I had an offer three years ago to help serve an engagement party because they were having difficulty
finding servers with the caterers. A year went by and they called again for my help with more events!

"Servers with a Smile" has branched out and have more events, more services,
more staff and we LOVE it every day!

It doesn't matter what type of function you are hosting - there is ALWAYS stress!

My goal is to eliminate as much stress for you as possible!

I treat every function as if it were mine and make it perfect... I'm a perfectionist.

Let me help you organize, plan, serve and cater your event today!

It WILL BE THE BEST DECISION you have made all day.

We Are Honoured...

KW Record 2021 - Platinum Winner of the Best Wedding / Event Planner in the Region

October 2021 So thankful and so excited to be chosen as the recipient of this award!
KW Record 2021 - Platinum Winner of the Best Wedding / Event Planner in the Region!
Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us!! Our amazing couples, corporate clients, family and friends!

KW Record 2019 - Gold Winner of the Best Event Planning Business in the Region

KW Record 2019 - Gold Winner of the Best Event Planning Business

why chose us?


Why break the bank account, we will help you show the proper ways to use your hard invested money in the best way possible


Over 8 years in experience


We treat you as family and respect everything we put forward

mission & vision

With Trustworthy & Passionate employees,
our mission is to eliminate as much stress possible
during your event planning at an efficient cost.

Thank you! It was awesome to have you help us with our special day. Everything was very much appreciated. Our day was awesome. Ceremony was perfect, exactly how I imagined it in my head and it went perfect. Pictures afterwards was awesome, quick and easy and I was very impressed with how you handled everyone else's requests for pictures. My mom and grandparents and friends that all wanted pictures. The reception was great. Everyone I talked to was impressed with you and your work and your organization skills. A lot of people in my family and friend group are too cheap to get a wedding planner but I know you changed some minds about getting one. Rj and I both said you were worth every penny and I gave out your name to everyone who asked. Not much we would do differently for the day except be more organized ourselves. Neither Rj or myself are details people so we were very disorganized about everything but no one knew because you were there. And we thank you for that. My mother also wanted me to make sure I thank you from her as well. She appreciated everything you did because she knows I'm not a details person and needed the help. Sorry for the novel but honestly you were great.

RJ and Rebecca