Make Up Artist


Get the look you wanted perfected for your special day! We work with you and your budget!

We are SO HAPPY with how things went on the 25th!! We cant stop reliving it, and it went so smoothly thanks to you and your amazing assisants! We keep thinking of thing after thing that you took care of without us even noticing, and we can honestly say our day would have probably gone way off track without you there to keep it rolling smoothly!! Not only were you so helpful, but there was such a sense of genuine pleasure to help out from you and your assistants. The customer service standard was so high and we are so, so glad we decided to hire Servers with a Smile! We will definitely recommend you and your company at every chance we get. Thank you again for making sure our day was perfect -- we SO appreciate every little thing you did, from picking up flower petals to finding my glasses to keeping track of gifts and cards to helping clean up so quickly ... the list could go forever. We really just cant thank you enough. Let us know if there is anything we can do to support your company!! We want to see others benefit from your amazing work as well.

Love from the Mills :)