Wedding Planner / Day Of Coordinator / Setup and Teardown

Rebecca and Jenna were incredible to work with for our wedding as our day of coordinators and decorators. I had met Rebecca at a wedding show and appreciated her easy going nature, wide selection of decor, and that she took the time to discuss the wedding planning process and give a lot of great free advice. I was fortunate to win a free hr consult with Rebecca and was amazed how much information we covered in this hour and the amount of confidence she gave me to plan this huge event and know I had her to lean on as needed along the way. She was never pushy or rude if I chose a different vender closer to home for certain details or when I did a complete 180 from the start of planning to the end as far as what I hoped to have happen. As far as things go leading into the weekend, I was impressed how organized Rebecca, how well she worked with my other vendors, and how beautiful she made the simplest ideas become. She was incredible at taking care of small details so we could sit back and enjoy our time with friends and family. I know there were likely many situations she took care of that I have no idea about because they never became issues but we did receive some feedback from guests on how these girls went above and beyond. My cousin needing a wheelchair was struggling to see our first dance - they politely parted the crowd in front of her to give her a clear view. One table was overlooked when food was served, Rebecca caught it and not only alerted the kitchen but helped bring food out to speed up the process. Our venue owner was impressed how clean everything was by the end of the night and we appreciated having minimal clean up the morning after. So many other moments but for myself it was as simple as having a cold drinks brought over for our wedding party and family as we snuck in photos on a very hot day. Completely worth every penny!

Danielle Bannerman

Day of Coordination

  • A meeting 4 weeks before your wedding to go over everything to make sure everything is finalized and reviewed
  • Personalized wedding itinerary and timeline
  • Vendor management, going over Vendors contracts and time lines given
  • Supervision of event and on-site direction of set up
  • Going over your vendors list, making sure all timings are met at the one month meeting
  • Coordinator at your wedding Rehearsal, Ceremony & Reception
  • A Coordinator and an assistant on the day of, depending on the size of the wedding for up to 15 hours
  • Helping out with any last minute details you may need!

7 Reasons to Hire a Day of Coordinator

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Wedding Planner Certified

From Start to Finish

  • Sitting down to discuss what you vision is for your wedding
  • Customizing a wedding book to reflect exactly what you are looking for with a planning schedule for months before the wedding
  • Preparing your budget and how you will properly managed it
  • Providing a customized list of vendors that work With Servers With A Smile and offer uniqueness and flexibility. Also, a list of other vendors to recommend
  • Creating contracts for all vendors and arranging all meetings and needs
  • Creating an wedding itinerary and timeline, customized to your needs
  • Being point of contact for all vendors and ensuring all deliverables are met and attending all appointments
  • Monthly Progress meeting
  • Arranging, Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Stage and Doe, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception
  • Arranging, transportation or hotel accommodation needs for both the bridal party and guests
  • Wedding customized based on your vision, regarding décor, invitations, centerpieces and more
  • Supervision of Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Stage and Doe, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception
  • Detailing all wedding set up to ensure all set up is correctly done
  • Any questions or concern can be asked at any time!

Specialized Packages

Please contact us to have Rebecca, a Certified Wedding Planner, customize your wedding planning needs!

Wedding Planner

We just got married on Friday and I couldn't have imagined my day without Rebecca and her team! She took all my worries away and anything I needed she dealt with in a hurry! She made my perfect day possible! Even my hubby and bridal party all agree she was amazing and money well spent! If you are trying to decide whether or not you need a day of coordinator, you will not regret it!

Brittany Ross