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Well we have that will not disappoint, just look at the reviews below to see!"

Travelling all over the United States and Canada to play what you want to hear!

You have one chance to get the band choice right and make an impact with no regrets.

An event is not merely an opportunity for guests to gather. You want to make a lasting impression. You’ve worked hard...spent months planning, narrowing down choices, likely getting stressed and you need your live music element to be flawless with attention to every last detail so you can just sit back, relax and have an amazing time.

Initial planning, site visit, sound and lighting requirements, song choices and guest demographics are absolutely crucial with so many eyes and ears engaged. “How was the band?” is one of the most common guest takeaways from most events.

Attention to customer service and creating a personal relationship with clients before, during and after an event is important. A positive response for the band creates an unparalleled atmosphere — everyone is clapping, singing along, dancing and smiling and great live music creates an amazing atmosphere that also encourages content sharing and increases your visibility through social media (ie. video/picture sharing through digital channels).

We ensure all aspects of the live music component of your evening run smoothly and in perfect harmony, with NO surprises because we understand that even one flaw can prove to be disastrous. Our mission is to serve as your ambassador and put on a show that you and your family will be proud of, creating memories for guests to share for many years to come.

    Private Parties (Small)

    Corporate Parties (Large)

    Private Parties (Residence)

    Private Parties (Corporate)


3 Piece + Band’s PA/Lights

  • ADD $500.00/PLAYER
    (Female vocals, violinist, keyboards, brass etc.)
  • ADD $1,000.00
    (With soundman, stage and crew)


5 Piece + Band’s PA/Lights

  • ADD $500.00/PLAYER
    (Female vocals, violinist, extra brass etc.)
  • ADD $1,000.00
    (With soundman, stage and crew)

NOTE: All prices are plus HST

Your Concerns

As with any major expense, we’re accustomed to working with clients and addressing concerns as this might be the first and only time they’ll hire a band.

“It’s too expensive”
We view our bands as a premium solution and supply key elements that inexperienced bands simply can’t and won’t. If you simply shop on price, someone will always be cheaper. We focus on delivering value and will do our best to work on the numbers with you if our quote didn’t satisfy your budget. Attention to every detail, superior customer service, track record, past clients, professionalism, courtesy, respect and versatility are elements that matter to us. Some clients spend more attention to food, tableware, chair/table rentals etc. than on who is actually in charge of entertaining their guests and that is often the biggest take-away from the evening and it is a reflection on you. Read our testimonials to get a better idea of what to expect from us.

“Aren’t all cover bands the same?”
You will enjoy certain bands more than others for a reason. Songs, attitude, versatility, experience and personality. We have the perfect mix of all of these and play to everyone in the room.

“Should I hire a Band?”
A perfect evening of music includes a great, versatile live band for the personal interaction with your guests and a solid playlist of great music in between sets to keep the party going. We do all of that for you so you can focus on having a great time at your wedding.

“I’m worried that a band will be a headache”
Agreed. Working with some bands can be a headache. Our director has 20+ years of experience in the business sector and served in various upper level management positions for Warner Brothers, Steinway + Sons, Yamaha, JW Walter Thompson and The Royal Conservatory of Music. You are in great hands.

“A lot of bands are unreliable”
We take pride in delivering on promises. From promptly responding to every email and phone call to time sensitive logistics, appropriate dress code and interacting with your guests in a professional manner we represent you with respect.

What a night!!! Where do I begin in talking about how awesome this band was at our wedding!!! They were amazingly easy to work with and absolutely rocked all night! Shiraz was an absolute pro. He was always available to talk ahead of the wedding and made sure the music and sound went smoothly all night. They surprised us with an acoustic performance during the cocktail hour, which was amazing as well. They played a ton of songs that we had requested and had a great line up songs for in between sets. They got a good read of the crowd and kept the dance floor rocking. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who wants to have an awesome dance floor at their wedding. Our friends can’t stop talking about them. Thanks to you and the rest of the boys in the Jade Monkeys. You really made our night extra special!